What’s the problem with players nowadays?

Last time, I was told I was doing too much and that it was WG fault. Before, I was told it could happen to everyone. But what’s the problem with WOT players nowadays? It’s a strategy game. Your teammates see you’re in a bad position, they do nothing. They see your about to be f****, they do nothing. They see you need help, they do nothing. You tell them exactly where to go and what to do to unlock the game, they do nothing. What’s the problem? What happened to this game? I feel like the fanbase has a big responsibility in that, hiding all the problems behind WG. It’s their fault if they release bad tanks, their if the matchmaking make no sense and their if content is crap. But it’s certainly not their fault if in Tier X and IX you can’t even play the game like he was supposed to be because the players thinks it’s COD or Fortnite and think about themselves instead of the team.

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