whats up with tier 10 ?

is it just me or the tier 10 balance is completely bad? ive always been a tier 8-9 player, playing mostly meds with okayish results (unicum overall+ my recent in the past 1k games is consistently around 3.5k with average tier 8.63). but ever since i started playing tier 10 only actively, the game just feels like a new world to me. im not nearly as good on tier 10 as on tier 9 (which i consider to be the best balanced tier in the game) and i wonder why that is…since tier 8 and 9 arent that far away from tier 10. also im getting tilted by the amount of arty and ebrs in one game, since i finally bought sconq, went to test it out on westfield with 3 arty and ended up back in garage after 1 minute 30 seconds of enjoying myself in hulldown. so most of the time, when i wanna succeed in that tank with 3 arty on an open map, i end up camping at the redline waiting for most of my direct competitors (kran, sconq, 60tp) to die out and then mid game i decide to hunt some chunks of remaining damage but what i wanna say, this aint entertaining nor efficient. in the current state, playing heavy at tier 10 is an unplayable frustrating experience. i just dont enjoy when im not able to directly influence the outcome and im not entirely sure, whether its the players that play different or the balance at tier 10, anyway, id be glad if you shared your thoughts on this, thank u πŸ˜‰

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