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Yesterday we had alot of very very very interesting and fruitful posts about how QB apperently took down a youtube-channel for copyright infringement. Those posts contained alot of serious and well put discussion about a very very very serious issue.

However, this really showed us the true personality of QB. How could a grown up man decide to take down a youtube-channel that tried to slander him?? Ridiculous. And on top of that, a youtube channel that took QB content and posted on youtube for all to see, and without editing.

We all, as WOT players, have a God given right to glutton in Twitch streamers wrongdoings and toxic behaviour. When QB removed that youtube channel, he removed our lifeblood.

This guy was our hero, a guy who put alot of effort into creating very well done videos for us to feast upon. He showed us what a good person he in his quest to deliver us youtube videos for us to live on and where we collectively could frown upon the guy in the video. All of us together thinking ‘I would never have done that, he is just sooooooooo toxic. How could anyone ever want to watch him on twitch?’ And then proceed to bash/slander him in comments and other social media.

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