Where to find a clan?

As per title.

I’m in EU1 server. I’m new to the game and looking for a clan with my friend who is a fairly experienced returning player. The in-game clan finder seems a bit naff. I only speak English, so I set the clan finder to English speaking clans. This returns about 100 clans with an English flag but the entire clan description in another language and about 5 English clans. I’ve applied to/messaged a recruitment officer in all of them and had no responses.

I have a feeling this is not showing me all the clans out there, so I’m trying to figure out how to see the rest. I’ve adjusted the activity in the gaming preferences but I’m looking ideally for average activity. Most of the high activity clans have requirements I’m far from meeting, as I’ve just started.

What I’m looking for is an English speaking clan in EU1 server who are actively involved in clan specific things such as skirmishes that are accepting members who are still pretty fresh to the game and learning. I like to think I pick up games fairly quickly and would like to be pretty heavily involved in clan games after a couple of weeks max of being in it. I just need a clan who’s willing to help me get started.

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