Which Equipment on Strv 103-B

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atm I’m trying to 3-mark my Strv and I have heard many different opinions and things about the Equipment setup on this vehicle (i.e. what to use besides rammer and binocs) I have played this vehicle for ~100 matches now and have used the camo net ever since but I am unsure how effective it actually is especially when you’re in a bush and have just taken a shot. Of course a nice thing about the camo net on the strv is that it won’t go off if you turn. But recently I’ve heard players using vents more often because the net is supposedly “useless”; again I am not entirely sure how the net even works under the circumstances depicted above. And lastly I’ve seen many people using a turbo for a great acceleration and reverse speed boost in siege mode but I’m not sure if I could make this work on some maps. So what are you guys using on your Strv 103-B? Also did you change ur setup later because of the field mods?

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