Which monitor to choose?

I have a cabin in the Forrest where I also would like to play wot. I don’t want to bring my monitor back and fourth each time I go there. I have a laptop with rtx 3080 and a i7 11800 cpu. Should I get a 1440p >144 hz or should I pay up and get a 4K 144 hz. 24 or 27”? I do have a 32” 1080p 144 hz, it is terrible to play on compared to my 32” 1440p 165 hz that I use on my regular rig. 1440p is minimum, but do I get a better experience with 4K? On the laptop it self I have a 15,4” 4k 144 hz, it is way to small, even if I sit as close as possible it is impossible to play on. So; 24 or 27”? 1440p or pay +70% to get 4k? Of course the money matters as well. I don’t want 60hz. Suppose the computer can handle 4k at 144 hz since it can handle it without an external monitor.

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