Which of the T8 premiums in the shop right now (EU) is the best and why?

I would like to get some info on the premiums tight now to decide whether one of the ones available right now is something for me.

I don’t have all that many tech tree tanks, I only have the T-43 (T7), the Leo (T7), the IS (T7) and a freshly bought Emil I (T8). The others I have are some lower tiers on different trees, french lights on T6 for example.

So my experience is somewhat limited, but I do enjoy the medium gameplay, both the high alpha claps from the Leo and the more DPM focused gunplay of the T-43. Heavys are fun too, but I do miss the mobility most of the time. Lights are fun as well, but my gamesense for when I’m lit isn’t the best.

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