Which Prem would you recommend?

Hey guys!

I am returning to the game after a long break and I’m wanting to buy another tier 8 premium, I currently have only the ripper Patton (Which I do enjoy sometimes, even though it’s almost pay to lose). However, I decided that I want another one that probably will perform a bit better and that does not require as much gold shooting so I can make some credits more easily.

I noticed the Bourasque is currently on sale. Seems like a fun tank, but €40 is quite the price for a medium (+ it’s pen is not that great meaning it would probably require mostly gold as well?) I also have a 30% discount coupon for tanks above €30 (excluding special offers of course) so that’s when I decided to take a look at: – 50TP – Skoda T27 – Caernarvon AX

I am an average player, not extremely good, although I am improving. My most played class is heavies, but I enjoy every class in its own way, therefore, tank type does not matter. Currently I am just looking for it to make some credits and a fun time, crew training does not really matter since I do have some tier 6 and 7 premiums for my most played lines and nations. Would you recommend going for the Bourasque anyway, or are there better options (even some that I might not have mentioned). I know that everyone has its own preferences, but since I’ve been away for a while I thought I would ask for some advice and recommendations.

Hope to hear from you guys! -KapiteinKart

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