Which russian heavy to get next ?

Hi !

I’m currently grinding the T-10 russian heavy. It’s quite good but I found it hard to play because it lacks armor… I’m also grinding the 50TP at the same time and it’s easier to play for me (I’m an average player with 51% WR and 5400 WOT score).

I wonder which russian heavy tank to get next as I have a commander to recruit from last battle pass.

Here is how my russian heavy tree looks like:


I already have the IS-7.

The choice are between IS-M, KV-4 and IS-2-II. I’m looking to stop at tiers 9 as I don’t play tier 10 often and I don’t have enough credits to buy tier 10 tanks.

The Obj 705 is the one that appeal me the least because of rear turret.

KV-4 was considered a bad tank since a long time, not sure it changed recently or not. I don’t know if the ST-I is a good t9 right now, I don’t see them often in random battles.

The IS-3-II seems the most intersting in this list. I have the 703 premium heavy and I love the double barrel mecanisms. Is it a good T9 ?

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