Which tier 9 tanks did you keep, and which ones should I?

Hello, guys

I’m currently grinding multiple lines of tanks, and I’m trying to keep at least 1 tank of every tier. However, i didn’t quite fall in love with any tier 9 tanks so far (T10, T-54, T-54 ltwt.)

(Edit: Forgot to mention that i have obj. 257 unlocked (since I unlocked the T-10 before OBJ was released, so the obj. comes into consideration aswell)

The tier 8’s i have now are:M26 Pershing


AMX 50-100


(and A-44 at tier 7)

I had a T-54 that was obviously not optimal for a non-premium player (I have a premium tank but not a prem. acc)

Collectable tanks are also an option for the optimal would probably be an AMX 30 prototype, since I have a ravioli tank at tier 8 as a good crew for it.

And it’s obvious that i should just play all and see which one to grind to first, but imo, I rly don’t feel like grinding 5 tier 9’s at once just to get to have fun with 1. This is just asking for recommendations, so lmk which tank you would go for. Also, which ones did you keep as a tier 9?

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