Which Tier X HT to go for?

Heyho fellow tankers!

I would appreciate some help on deciding which T10 HT to grind.

I’m a returning player after a 6 year break and still learning a lot. Before my break i played a lot of light tanks just for fun. Since coming back I’m taking it a bit more seriously. I’m still not a good player by any means but I’m trying to get better. My first T10 Line i fully researched is the Leopard and I really enjoy that thing. While i still see the Leopard as my main vehicle and try to get as good with it as i can i now want to add a T10 heavy to my collection.

I don’t have a ton of experience in HTs but i played Tiger and Tiger II up to the fully researched E75, so at least it isn’t completely new to me. Of course the easiest thing would be to just grab the E100. But as silly as it may sound, i won’t enjoy driving around hours and hours in a tank which i think is ugly. 😀 I would rather take my time and resources grinding a whole new line and then be happy with it. It’s all about the T10 on this line. It doesn’t matter if the grind goes through some weaker vehicles. Great if there are some keepers along the way but it isn’t necessary.

Correct me if I’m wrong or forget something but after a bit of research i think the list of relevant HTs looks like this:
AMX M4 54, Vz55, Kranvagn, S.Conqueror, Obj.277, 60TP, E100, IS7, WZ-111-5A and maybe the T110E5 and IS4.

Altough I’m reading good things about some of the following tanks i already want to cut some of them because…well I’m a weirdo and don’t like their looks. So the AMX M4 54, Kranvagn, E100 and T110E5 are already out.
I’m also looking into a true HT rather than a “Heavium” so this will probably take the Obj. 277 off the board too.
Leaves me with Vz55, S.Conqueror, 60TP, IS7, WZ-111-5A and IS4.

In a perfect world i would like my T10 HT to be able to play hulldown AND to sidescrape somewhat reliable even against the gold spam on tier 10. I would make this my first priority and look at things like gun handling after that. That being said, you have to take at least gun depression into account when we look at the ability to play a good hull down match. Depression looks a bit weak on the IS7 and IS4. In addition the Armor of espacially the IS7 doesn’t seem to work that well when sidescraping.
On paper, the S.Conqueror seems like a pretty good choice but from what i saw in the 3D Model it has some giant weakspots.
I would really appreciate some input.

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