Who said this was a team game?

After many battles, I finally realized something. This is not team-based game. Just treat your allies as NPCS, or bots, and play only, and only.. for yourself, and your own stats.

IRL, I am “thinking how should I describe it”, most of the time a “jedi” – hold others door, somebody dropped something, pick it up, found a wallet – go to police with it, theres hobo trying to buy burger and needs one more buck, pay it for him…

But seriously this game, with its playerbase.. turns me into “evil sith lord” pretty much everytime when I play it more than 1 hour. Its not even about bad players, its more about in general “IQ and thinking”. Oh I got Kranvagn, I am gonna go snipe redline. Oh I got top tier IS-3, lets snipe with its great gun handling. Or this

I played derp sheridan. Went middle, fired two shots, then went into that TD bush spot. And I farmed 3K damage for myself. Why should I , or anyone else, even try something. Farm your own wn8 and DPG and be “happy”


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