Who’s a good / your favorite WOT youtuber to learn to play better?


I only watched videos from Quickybaby for years and he makes really entertaning videos, but I realised they are not the best to learn the game since most of them are 1 in a thousand lucky exeptionnal game. They are really funny to watch but I didn’t learn a lot from them. Maybe even I made mistakes by trying to play as fast or agressive as in those videos.

I’m not trying to start a competition or anything but lately I started watching Skill4ltu and I learned a lot and improved my gameplay since he play more like me and show “real” games instead of rare one. So I realised that different youtubers could offer me better gameplay tactics, just not Skill4ltu.

Anyway, my question is: Who are good youtubers to watch in order to learn to get better at the game as a veteran player?


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