Whose job is it to defend arty?

Playing as super hellcat on Sand River. I’m the only one pushed far on the left side in the sand dunes. Enemy 25TP and Panther/M10 push base, kill both arty within a minute of getting there.

As I’m falling back to kill both tanks, arty starts calling hellcat (me) useless, an idiot, etc.

My response was that it’s not my job to defend arty, but I had a few people disagree with me and tell me to “know my role”.

Is a super hellcat’s job not to push at the start of the round, spot for arty, and prevent flanks, or flank the enemy?

Just curious if it’s just toxicity or if I really need to reevaluate how I play this tank, or other fast destroyers. Still won the match.

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