Why and how tournaments are the best

As dumb and as quickly as I can present pros and cons of two known methods of earning free premium currency:

Google play – World Of Gold –

Pros: – free daily box of 0.31% chance of winning

Cons: – literally gets account suspended for finishing a task too fast (literally starting a war with their support through email)

Wargamig tournaments:

Pros: – you can test your skill in many forms of battles (2v2 etc) – fun or no fun, or troll – 100% legit and free – in game, you don’t have to register on any other site – you can stream it or record funny moments or even tips and tricks if Ur good

Cons: – toxicity (rarely and sometimes)

And thats why we all should stick to our favourite wargaming ways of earning gold. Buy it or earn it with sweat


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