Why are credits being spent on consumables that are in my depot?

I noticed lately that some games I’m spending 20,000 on consumables, yet I have those consumables available in my depot. Is there any way to know specifically what consumables are being purchased?

I’m usually running food, but in these cases I have food in my depot. I’m also running large repair and first aid kits, but again I have them in my depot. I’m not running directives.

Example: The consumables for the Löwe were resupplied successfully. You have spent credits: 20,000.

Actually I’m not running food on Lowe, but I have lots of auto fire extinguishers. I’ve bought consumables on other tanks that I was running food on, yet had them in the depot.

Other than repair, first aid, fire or food, is anything else considered a consumable that I may be missing? Not sure If I just never noticed this before, I’m missing something with consumables, or something weird is happening.

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