Why do people always compare themselves with others in this game?

Why do people care so much about comparing themselves with others? Its almost like the ” I have a bigger dick than you” contest. I am a very less or more depending on how u see it , average player. 1760 wn8 26.000 games and 54% win rate. Hell I do be botting around if u will. Whenever someone says they are better than me or to look at their stats, I always go ” Ok, cool bro, but who asked?” Or I troll them like that guy on omegle ” Who? Cares” People really go around thinking others give a damn about how good or bad they are. Just enjoy the game , if u are good at it good for u, if u are bad , also good for you cause you probably dont care either case. But if you do care about this game, my advice is watch out, I used to burn my nerves over a missed shot or an unlucky snap or whatever it is. Its really not worth it. Its just pixels. The only physical worth I see is the amount of money u drop at it. But then again everyone has his wallet and he does what he wants with it. Still, try to play and enjoy, need I to remind you? Its just, a game?

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