Why do people continue to play with this mentality?

So we have the obligatory “Lost” message from someone entering the match salty as hell. Anything said becomes a point of conflict for them. That is a standard round.

Just had a match in an HT, go the HT route and move into hull cover to duke it out with an enemy HT. A team mate starts raging that I am blocking his shot (he would need my hulldown spot to shoot or to move into partial cover moving to my side) he blocks my attempts to move back to avoid enemy fire but eventually I back up alive. Says “Enjoy your loss” and drives side-on towards the enemy. We go 7 – 3 down, the battle isn’t over. Another tank swears at us, something about all being ‘Polish’ players and states they will commit suicide, then does so.

Like why? How broken do you have to be to play like this? Where is the enjoyment for you? Why even play at all? If playing is that painful for you, why do you even bother?

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