Why do some players call the 268v4 OP?

I’ve been playing since 2021 and i consider myself an average player (that can at least carry it’s own weight), i grinded the 268v4 when it was on track and i would love to say this….. 263 is WAY BETTER then this tank. I know people say that the 268v4 has a ton of armor and it’s fast but apart from that is a tank that only work against mentally challenged players, the gun is trash, it has an easy to hit cupola that can’t bounce anything in a frontal engagement and the lower plater is easily penetrable when i’m wiggling the tank.

How can i play this tank without depending on luck and RNG? I mean when i see one of these in my S.Conq i just see free damage unlike the E3 which is a pain in the but.

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