Why does T20 feel so good but Pershing feels like a sack of shit? [Salty Rant]

I’m grinding the Patton line for the top of the tree and I actually thought that the pershing had worse gun handling AND reload time than the T20 but I just checked on tanks gg and the pershing is better in every aspect except speed and mobility, which I also noticed A LOT while playing, but if the gun handling is better, hwy do I miss all the fucking time, while the T20 felt like a godsent? I aced the T20 and finished grinding it with a 55% win ratio, ending almost always on the top 5 by exp, but with this absolute piece of shit peshing I’m at 42%.

But the pershing dude, it’s fucking miserable, miss all the shots, even fully aimed, or hit but not where I aimed and still get blocked even when shooting gold, and because of that, despite reloading faster, it somehow feels slower, mobility is fucking trash and you have no armor, ocasional troll bounce on the turret but almost alyways you get fucked.

Can’t even trade shot for shot because if you manage to pen, you have a laughable 240 alpha gun in tier 8, and you get slapped back for 400 all the time, is it too hard to give it at least a 320 gun and give it better terrain resistances? doesn’t even need a top speed buff, just make it not feel like a fucking ball of molasses rolling down a hill ffs.

What the fuck am I supposed to do with this dumpsterfire of a tank?

Even the AMX 65t feels better to play because even if you get auto penned all the time you get the HP and alpha to trade back, but the pershing? Only good thing about the tank is it’s view range, but it will be useless because you are a fat bastard that will get outspotted by lights and if you see anything it will be the incoming shells that will tear you apart like a cactus being munched by a camel.

God this tank is so bad that it could become a collector’s tank and be replaced by something else that’s actually playable.

Oh the M46 patton needs 175k exp CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHY???? The M103 asks for 168k while being a heavy, Obj 257 only 143k ffs, T-54 same tier medium tank, 142k, Obj 430, 143k. Hell, the goddamn Conqueror only asks for 110k

Thanks for your time, I needed to vent. I feel better now.

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