Why doesn’t WG fix TX MM

I think most will agree that Tier X balancing is pretty crap these days to put it mildly. Yes, other tiers are affected as well, but as a high tier main this obviously gets my biggest attention.

So I am just wondering WHY doesn’t WG start fixing MM in a way which breaks up the status quo.

Whether they would do it by implementing tank templates to match each tank 1:1 best as possible, or with a certain battle rating (maybe WT style) to match tanks differently or a complete different approach, but that is actually not what I am asking.

As the issues seem obvious, I am more into the WHY they don’t start working on it.

As a company that is focusing on earning money, I would understand that a satisfied customer is most likely willed to spend more/play longer etc.

I also don’t believe that it’s a question of not enough data to really implement changes. After seeing the recently shown heat maps about the results of the recon mode for the new maps, I am sure WG has tons of data to investigate and act upon if they would just have the will to do so.

What could be a reason why it yet hasn’t at least started? Has playerbase become numb and people still keep playing & spending despite obvious issues, so no need to act from WG?

What do you think? Any hopes for high tiers?

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