Why is everyone saying that the T32M is worse than the T32?

Compared to the T32, the T32M has:

Same Armor Same or slightly better mobility Better Gun Handling (Better aim time, base dispersion and turret traverse bloom) Worse DPM because of reload speed.

Yes the longer reload makes the DPM go from 2595 on the T32, (ALL DPM values on this post will be Assuming Vents, Rammer and BIA) to 2123 on the T32M.

Which sounds low, but there’s quite some tanks that have simmilar, DPM that are still considered good like the VK 100.01 (2141), IS-3 (2140) or even 50TP prototype (2260).

Everyone is really overlooking the dispersion buff the T32M has over the regular T32, IMO, that makes it possible to run different equipment, the regular T32 base dispersion + bloom values makes it pretty much always want to run Vents, Rammer and VStabs, or switch Vstabs for Improved Aiming, but T32M can run Vents, Turbo and Rammer (using the speed slot from field mods)

With this setup, it can reach .29 dispersion, which allows it to stay further behind and snipe, when it’s facing tier 10s, Letting their tier 10 teammates do the brawling while it takes a support role.

It will have a simmilar but slightly different playstyle than the regular T32, but I don’t expect it to be just worse.

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