Why is it so difficult for WG to balance clown cars?

Does anybody actually enjoy having clown cars in their games? I fail to see any instance where EBRs actually increase the enjoyment of the game. They make the game worse. A lot worse. Plain and simple. If WG can’t remove them, then they should just make them like any other light tank. Give them 380m base view range, 60 km/h top speed, and make them less agile so that they move like any other light tank. Shooting the wheels should stop the vehicle entirely just like any tank which got tracked. There. Done. It’s. Not. Fucking. Hard.

Seriously does WG actually like to see their game dying? How can they spend so much time making nonsense like crew 2.0 which nobody asked for but can’t do simple important balances that takes an hour at most.

Edit: I’m not saying that WG is balancing them poorly. I’m saying they aren’t balancing these stupid things at all despite them being obviously game breaking. Currently WG has no plans to do anything despite constant player feedback.

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