Why is it taking WG so long to get rid of 3 arty per match?

Yes it’s yet another arty whine post. But it needs to be said. 3 arty in a match is game-breaking. I don’t know if it’s just NA or what but I end up with 3 arty almost every game and it is pure pain and suffering.

There’s nothing quite like trying to play a heavy or well armored TD on the frontlines and having 80% of your HP removed by 3 arty targeting you in under 8 seconds. Or trying to poke ridges in my Leopard PTA and being constantly stunned and forced to disengage. 3 arty can shut down an entire lane, and there is zero counter to it. In a lot of cases you either die or you retreat and give the enemy map control. If your team’s arty are doing the same thing, then you miss out on a ton of damage as that Centurion 7/1 you just shot at now lost 1000 HP from 2 M53/55’s.

Tier 6 is basically unplayable because of 3 M44’s every game. 3 arty doesn’t benefit this game in any way, in fact it makes it downright unenjoyable to play.

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