Why is this game so casino-like?

Hey there. I guess many would agree that wot uses some shady casino-like mechanics. I am definitely not sure about that (like how can this be technically implemented?) Anyway, I get several amazing days with high dmg and nice battles followed by days with matches where enemies begin playing like pros and hit your every weak spot with each shot and outplay you like you are a 45% player. Not to mention 2-3 min battles.

When bad session comes, I just can’t stop. I keep trying to break this cycle but nothing helps and it gets really frustrating (tilting). I keep playing like in a casino where you hope next turn is going to be a jackpot. And in wot, this jackpot actually comes within few days (most often).

I noticed similar things in other online games (dota eg) where you have several back-to-back wins followed by losses. However, in those games it is not so noticeable and impactful, while in wot it is just extreme.

Am I overreacting?

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