Why so many players have below 50% winrate in this game?

I’ve played dota and cs on/off for 16 years. One day a friend of mine recommended this game to me as it is less intense and toxic game he said. So i gave it a try and after 4k matches, i got my first tier 10 tank.

As the title says, i was baffled to see so many, like 8 out of 10 players have way below 50% winrate despite having 50k or even 100k matches. It’s like a casino where gamblers are rigged to lose more often.

Now all games have noobs and smurfs but they are not the majority of playerbase but WoT playerbase is interesting where average winrate looks like 48% or below.

Anyone care to explain why or am i missing something like ranked match?

Here is my current stat: tokyo_sandblaster – WoTLabs.net – World of Tanks Statistics Tracker

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