Why would they make it so dirty?

The ongoing Onslaught season’s new Wing and Claw (Crimson) style looks dusty, dull and very worn-out compared to the first season’s camouflage.

Not only the rewards this season are a luckluster, but the style aswell, which is a shame. WG’s art/visuals team is known for their good quality job on the game, but I don’t know what happened with the new style. Was expecting a more refined look.

I’m wondering if they messed up accidentally some weird desert effect on the main camouflage. I can’t see why such degrading effect should be added to the existing camouflage. I understand new Crimson season means new style aswell, but I can see the pattern of turning the black eagle into red eagle (as of crimson) and keeping rest pretty much the same,, but the dusty look. Why…?

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