Will there be another battle pass after the WH40K battle pass ends? Or will Wargaming basically say you have to buy both battle passes to get both tanks (No Bounty Equipment for free to plays)

This year’s battle pass not only has nerfed rewards (some aspects it worse and in some better ie more bonds) for free to play players but also no bounty equipment. If there are only going to be 2 battle passes, it will be impossible to get the Cobra unless you pay.

Cobra is 24 Tokens, meaning that by doing the first and second pass I get JUST enough for it (12 Tokens per F2P battle pass 24 Total)

Lorraine 50t is 18 Tokens, meaning that unless I bought 3 stages from the first battle pass and 3 stages from the second battle pass (9 extra tokens per pass total 18) for a price of 15,000 gold, I literally won’t be able to buy this tank till next year.

So what is one to do but get the Lorraine 50t and wait a full year for the Cobra to be cheaper. Then new stuff comes out that is also not attainable till the following year.

I am a F2P collector and the fact that I wont be able to get both of the tanks because of a pay wall really ruins the battle pass. Thus far, I have been able to get every single battle pass tier 9 tank.

Every other reward was extra pay to win bounty equipment, credit boosters and Crew books with some extra Tokens to convert for bonds IF players decided to buy them

Hell I could get away with using my Ranked battle gold to buy 2 passes at a price of 2,500 x2 (5,000) to make sure I had enough tokens with 3 battle passes per year, But now the cost literarily tripled from 5,000 gold to 15,000 gold.

All the extra stuff and tokens people paid for was for those who were behind and for people that missed a battle pass season that year.

Now it seems you can’t even do that under the assumption there will only be 2 passes per year. Also, people who missed the first season AND decide to pay up for the second season will discover the following:

at 12 points plus 9 points from paying 7,500 gold players will have 21 Tokens.

The Cobra costs 24 Tokens.

The Lorraine is 18 Tokens, meaning 5 of those Tokens will go to waste and be turned into 500 bonds

You need at least 2 purchased stages (5,000 gold) to get JUST the Lorraine 50t if you missed the first Season of this year.

“the paying players missed out its their fault for not playing since the start of the year that’s what they get for being late payers” is its really ok to force people to spend 5,000 gold for a Lorraine 50t that sucks and have them waste tokens I guess this is the year of Fomo for Wargaming products.

“Just pay for it you cheap stake” not everyone is willing to just give Wargaming money, in my opinion I don’t like pay to win and id rather grind Ranked battles Tournaments and Clan wars to get free gold but 3 times the price is too much for a Free to Play, also some people just cant afford to grind and or pay with their wallet.


So, basically if there is only 2 Battle pass seasons this year, Wargaming is fucking over both paying customers AND free to play players.

Note/Speculation: Wargaming has not specified that there will be a third pass this year and they started the battle pass late compared to other years. Wargaming does not like staking events ie Halloween modes and. Thanksgiving months. They cannot have a battle pass running. That would only leave September for a battle pass unless they plan to release it and stack it with October and November events.

End of PSA/Rant/Question

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