Win-rate doesn’t matter. How much you contribute is what matters. Pull your weight! Don’t let your teammates down!

People, especially people with less skill, think winning is the most important thing, or the thing that people judge them by. This is NOT the case. This is why most people damage chase, because the game rewards it the most. That is why people yell; NO CAP KILL ALL! Because you are rewarded for performance NOT winning.

Oddly enough though, those that are effective at doing damage, keeping enemies spotted, keeping their own base from being capped, making sure their team mates survive, lead to higher win rates naturally. But they aren’t doing it purely to win, they just want to make the best score in that 15 minutes they can.

So get this stupid rigged non-sense out of your head, and start getting better at consistently contributing! That starts with NOT putting yourself in unnecessary risks. This requires being aggressive to a point when you are away from taking damage, getting then to where you can do damage, and do more damage than you can take at that point, clear flanks, move up, limit the damage you can take.

NONE of that has anything to do with whether or not a game is rigged. Unless you don’t understand the concept of “Random” and you think that match maker puts the ones less likely to do their share of damage on the same team, in order to make it easier for the enemy team to win. But that still does not mean you can’t do your part. It also isn’t going to be every game. if a game lasts 5 minutes, who cares? Because you are instantly in a new game!

Don’t damage your teams confidence Eeyore! Do not type pre-game if you are feeling sad. You likely lessen your chances of winning because you bum your team out because they have YOU on their team. That is self fulfilling prophecy, not because the system is rigged, but because you are an A hole.

Close games are the best. Especially when everyone fights hard. They might not be in the best of tanks, they might not be the top tier tank, they might be stock, they might have a zero skill 50% crew, and they still have the chance to do damage and help keep their team alive. They can still light enemies so their bigger guns have shots. In the end, if you have that satisfaction you gave your best or exceeded your own expectations, that is the good stuff. If all that happened while you had teammates becoming submarines because they had fits, it can be even more rewarding, but much harder to do so.

It is really a shame what some CCs have been pushing lately. It is time to stop. Spread the message to do your part, and not worry about win rates! Likewise don’t shame people, and if you do, don’t shame them because of their win rate. You probably should be questioned if you do zero damage, and we all have those games, and we all learn, so it really isn’t that bad. But if you have a zero damage game while you are whining in chat, best believe you deserve being questioned. People might think YOU are getting paid to make teams lose. What then?

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