Wish Me Luck Boys and Girls.

So, I decided to take on a challenge; clan wars is 2 weeks away and i got accepted into a Clan so rn i want to get a second Tier X, the Rinoceronte (i know it’s not competitive but hurr durr i am Italian so Italian Pride Bias) . I decided to sacrifice all my 81 twitch Drop tokens to get a whopping 17 DAYS OF Premium (for a f2p player like me that’s the most amount of premium i EVER got in my ENTIRE WoT career) instead of the Pudel, and i am at the Progetto 54, half way to getting the Progetto 66. So what I need to get in these 2 weeks are: cough cough

13,3 MILLION Credits to buy Both the tier IX and x plus fully equip them. And Even more credits so i can afford to use more gold in CW. 352k XP to get the Tier IX, upgrade it by skipping corners like radio, tracks and third engine and get the TIER X.

As i said in the Title wish Me Luck because this will be a torturous journey for me.

And see you during CW. IGN: _, Mighty_Cucumber, _ (without the , simbol)

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