World of Tanks Console ruined?

Hey all. WoT console has been utterly ruined over the last few years. Before this, there was very little different between the two WoT games. However, over the last few years they have gone in totally different directions. Console version added cold war mode, which is something nobody was asking for to begin with, and further divided the community which had shrunk to a fraction of what it had been before.

I want to play WoT again but this time on PC. Its a tough pill to swallow because of everything I have on console, but the game is complete trash now and I just cannot do it. Perhaps will sell that account for the little that it is worth.

I want to know – how is the decision making on PC version? I heaar there is much controversy about some crew 2.0 thing, but know nothing about it. What say you guys? Is there still a future for PC WoT, unlike the console version? Pretty sure the servers will be taken offline within a couple years for console.

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