World of Tanks is too difficult

Hello, I’m a new player, and I really struggle to perform okay in this game. Some might have seen my last post asking for advice.

I’ve been grinding a tech tree, currently on a tier 8 tank. Whenever I go to a game, nearly every place I go, I get destroyed. I try to sidescrape, and sometimes works, not always. I get matched up with very experienced players, like players with over 40,000 battles fought and so on. (I have 80 hours played.) If there are tier 9-10 tanks in the enemy team, which are going to be there since I play a tier 8, I have absolutely no means to penetrate their armor. And when enemies once shoot me, I loose 400-600 hp. And then my teammates, well, they are the same level of skill as me, bad players. It makes the game very boring, because it is hard to practice.

Dozens of games in a row, without dmg/kills.

What am I doing wrong?

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