World of Tanks – Missing Garage Slots?

Haven’t played WOT in a bit. I’m noticing after a recent update that my garage slots are missing (moved?). Usually they are right before you start scrolling through the American tanks at the bottom of the screen. Now there’s a tank there that they (WOT) are trying to sell me instead of my garage slots. I’ve been playing almost 8 years and have accumulated quite a few garage slots and I’m used to having a simple view of my availability. It’s very possible, with the new format, I’m just missing where they’ve placed them. I’m hoping there’s someplace I can view how many slots I have available. Does anyone know where I can view my available garage slots? Or, have they disappeared with the update? I know WOT likes to take away things/make things ‘disappear’ with updates, and I’m really hoping this is not the case. It’s also very possible that I’m looking right at them and missing something very obvious. Thanks in advance.

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