World of Tanks on PC Ego Checked Me lol

Seeing some console clips in here made me want to share my piece.

I don’t really know why I’m posting this just thought some PC players would like to hear this perspective on the game. I started playing world of tanks on PC back in 2013 when I was in high school. I got to the KV-4 and IS-3 and switched to console when it launched on PS4. On console I became a super uni with a 56% win ratio. I had almost every tier ten unlocked and humbly speaking was doing good enough to where the game almost felt stale. It was hardly a challenge.

A few weeks ago I finally achieved my dream and built a PC. I immediately wanted to play what I called the “real” world of tanks.

This game humbled me…fast. I sucked back in 2013 and only had around 2k games and was sitting at a 47% win ratio. This is why my stats were good on console (I got all the learning out of the way on pc).

I will say this, there are things I like better about each but undoubtedly PC is then better game. As much as the Chieftain and 279e are OP they don’t even compare to the broken tanks on console. For example the WZ-111-5a QL does 560 damage compared to 490 on pc.

On console the meta is insanely aggressive. Most heavies (regardless of play style) brawl it out and games last less than 6 minutes. It was insanely rare to ever go over ten. I’m not even kidding.

PC required me to slow down A LOT. When I first played I was way too aggressive and was getting wrecked in the first two minutes by tanks I couldn’t see. On console bushes and camo are a myth for the most part. On pc it seems as if enemies can be only 70 meters away and remain unspotted.

Needless to say the learning curve was STEEP and you think it wouldn’t be. I’m just now getting to where I can do decent on PC and can make top five every couple games. I even brought my win ratio up to 49.2% so I’m getting there slowly but surely. I learned that they are completely different games. (Some tanks literally have entirely different armor profiles and stats on console.)

Idk if anyone cares to read this I just though it’s an interesting take from someone who is trash at one game and pretty good at the other. Overall, I actually think I like the challenge of PC better.

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