World of Tanks Plus – Chinese Server

A new type of subscription is being tested on the Chinese server – World of Tanks Plus. What are the benefits?

-World of Tanks Plus is a type of subscription that only works on the Chinese server;
-The subscription is paid on a monthly basis by linking a credit card or other service to the Wargaming account;
-Active subscription allows you to earn up to 500 gold per week (2,000 per month) in Random battles and other battles;
-You can get up to 3% cashback in gold form for purchases in the Premium Shop;
-Active subscription allows you to rent one of the three tanks available on the list for free (the list is updated every month). The vehicles also include the all-new Chinese Tier VIII heavy tank, the WZ-113-II (the selected vehicle can be played for a whole month);
-World of Tanks Plus subscribers will receive a special badge that will be visible on the player’s account as long as the subscription is paid;

-Crew experience bonus;
-Possibility to obtain additional directives;

The price of WoT Plus is around 6€ per month.

This service can be considered the Chinese equivalent of Prime Gaming.

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