World of Tanks Plus Subscription (Includes WZ-113-II)

Tired of your boring, old World of Tanks Premium account? Have more premium days than you know what to do with? Well, good news! You will soon have the option to purchase a World of Tanks Plus subscription ($6.70 / 5.80 € per month)! Here are the benefits:

Receive up to 500 gold per week / 2000 gold per month by completing missions. Receive 3% cashback in gold with premium store purchase using real money. This won’t be counted towards the 500 gold per week that you can earn by completing missions. Free tank rental. Try out one of three popular tier-8 premiums each month for the entire month. Among the tank rental each month, get exclusive access to the WZ-113-II. Only available for WOT Plus subscribers! Speed up crew training! Choose a tank and your crew will receive 240 XP per hour. You don’t have to play to earn this XP! Sign in to the garage for (3) daily prizes. Receive an exclusive badge indicating you are Plus subscriber.


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