World of Tanks possible on a laptop?

Hey all. So I really want to begin playing WoT PC. I’m an avid Console player, but the grass is a lot greener over here.

My dilemma – I live and will be continuing to live a rather mobile lifestyle. So, a nice PC setup is not really possible now and likely not in the near future, either. Thus my question/dilemma.

So, 1) is laptop WoT PC possible/viable? Are there any of you who currently play WoT on a laptop?

I realize a mouse is a must, of course

2) Would it be possible to run at the highish settings and at 60fps? Again, I realize this depends on the laptop in question and the firmware.

3) What laptops should I be looking into? Preferably something budget friendly, but as this probably won’t be an immediate purchase, it really doesn’t matter all that much. Just trying to get information in my head.

4) If this is a bad idea, I have no problem with you guys saying that directly. Looking for a really good experience for a (hopefully) hardcore WoT player.

must add that I am not very good at computer lingo

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