World of Tanks TAP Giveaway (EU) – March 2021

Hello readers, it’s been too long since we had a proper giveaway on here. Time to change that. A NA giveaway should also come, soon. Please share this with everyone you know, that still plays WoT.

To enter this giveaway, just comment on this article with your WoT EU name. I will personally gift it to the sole winner, which will be picked using

Prize – Offer of the Month (19.23€):

  • Gold: 3,000;
  • bonus Gold: 500;
  • Premium Account: 30 Days

I’d also like to know your ideas of future giveaway ideas in the comments. What would you prefer? PayPal transfer? Steam cards? Or different WoT items? Please comment below.

PS: The winner should be announced this weekend.

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