World of Tanks / Wargaming are ripping players off on XP Multipliers and are doing false advertising and deceptive practices.

Let me first say that I’m 66 years old and have been playing games since they came out. I have also worked as a Database Team Manager and created software for my department. I understand how software and databases work. I started WoTs in Beta and I have 7 accounts, 6 sorted by country and an EU account. I play all the tanks in the tech tree and many premiums. I’m retired and just enjoy playing games.

In this situation, I had already played a match in WoTs which used my x2 for the day. This opened up for me to get the “On Track x5 Multiplier” as well as other rewards.

I played a decent game and won.

I was to receive x5 xp for the On Track multiplier, x3 xp for the Daily Premium Award and since I have Premium I clicked on the Bonus which is x3 xp multiplier. I DID NOT get 2 xp multipliers in the Battle Results Detail correctly. I contacted support and got surprising answers. (well somewhat)

What I got was:

Earned xp (596)

plus 2 earned xp x3 Bonus (1192)

plus 4 earned xp x5 On Track (2384)

plus 2 earned xp x3 Daily Premium Award (1192)

Total 5364

Where the problem is, is in the other 2 multipliers. If they were by themselves in a 1st win it would be earned xp plus 4 more earned xp for a Total of 5. But because there is another multiplier applied, (in my case 3), I only get the plus 4. The other “x3” got plus 2. Support even went as far as to say x5 is 4 and x3 is 2. I understand than in single wins but not in a single game with more than one xp multiplier. Either they don’t understand or they are purposely deceiving players.

The Bonus I applied was put in first ahead of the others. It was correct with a Earned xp plus 2 more earned xp for a x3. (596+1192) What I should’ve got in the other two multipliers were:

Earned xp plus 4 more earned xp x5 On Track (596+2384)

Earned xp plus 2 more earned xp x3 Daily Premium (596+1192)

For a Total of 6556

That’s what you would get if it was a first win. But you will not if there are more than one xp multipliers.

Do you get more xp with multiple xp multipliers? Yes, but not as advertised. In fact Support even bluntly told me that I get earned xp plus x2 plus x2 plus x4

I understand how they do the multiplier for a first win. It’s a Total of x2 or x3 or x4 or x5. But they cheat you if there are more than one multiplier. Support did not agree. They even stated two different ways Earned xp is used. Once they told me it’s just a reference that is multiplied then another time they said it is added. Basically what this means is there are no multiplication as advertised for missions and rewards. There is only ADDED Earned xp. They say one thing and apply it differently.

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