Worst teammate ever

Just loaded into a game on Pilsen, playing the LHMTV, driving to the bushline since I’m a light tank, and got flipped after hitting some debree. The rest of the team had already gone by so I don’t blame them, but then comes the T69, he just goes by, like 4 meters away from me, doesn’t even consider flipping me back! So I go ask him what’s up in the chat, his response? “I don’t give a f*** about tomatoes”. Look here you entitled bi** even if I was the worst of tomatoes, anyone with half a brain would’ve still flipped me back. This is a game, not everything is about ratings and winrate. If your allie is flipped by your side, and you don’t even loose anything, or expose yourself to fire, by flipping them back, you do so. I don’t care if you’re the most talented of unicums capable of carrying the whole team by your self, that doesn’t make you any less of an a**hole

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