WoT 1.18.1 Common Test: Onslaught Mode, Free Sixth Sense, New Personal Reserves

Onslaught Mode

If you decide to rush straight into Onslaught during the Common Test, we will completely understand. This brand-new mode has a slew of special rules and unique mechanics, including:

7v7 battles in researchable and Collectors’ Tier X vehicles only
Matchmaking by player ratings in the mode
Upgradable Role Skills based on vehicle roles
Points of Interest that can be captured to gain tactical advantages, like fire support or “omni-spotting” for your team
The option to play in Super Platoons of seven players

And there’s much more where that came from! Luckily, you can take a look at the in-depth article on Onslaught for all the details.

Of course, we have to mention another all-important feature of Onslaught: the rewards. For the first time ever, you will have the chance to earn a progressive 2D style. Thе “Wing and Claw” 2D style reflects your achievements in Onslaught. As you advance further in the mode progression, a new combination of camo and decals will unlock. (Plus, you can always switch to an “earlier” version if you wish.) The style will remain on your account permanently, even after Onslaught ends, and can be applied to any Tier X vehicle.

Known Issues

Currently two-player platoons are not available in the Onslaught mode. We are aware of the issue and will resolve it as soon as possible.

Free Sixth Sense for Everyone

With Update 1.18.1, the Sixth Sense perk will become a special commander feature! This means that every one of your vehicle commanders will possess it from the start (including commanders you haven’t recruited in the Barracks and any commanders that you recruit or receive from this point on). This change will make the game more comfortable for all players, especially new ones.

If one of your vehicle commanders already possessed the Sixth Sense perk, you’ll be able to choose a free skill or perk for them. This new skill/perk will automatically be upgraded to the same level as the original Sixth Sense perk (e.g., 100% for 100% or 48% for 48%). In rare cases where Sixth Sense was the zero perk, you’ll be able to choose a different zero skill or perk in its place (but just once for each vehicle commander).

Finally, special commander features and zero skills/perks will be displayed separately in the crew interface.

Take note that the Increased Focus directive won’t be available for purchase (nor auto-resupply) during the Common Test. Already purchased directives of this type will remain in your Depot.

New Personal Reserves

The improved Personal Reserves are definitely something that you will want to try for yourself. Streamlined and activated on the fly (even when you’re in battle), these Reserves are a welcome change. It would be impossible to describe all the great new stuff in just a couple of paragraphs, so we suggest checking out the dedicated article on upgraded Personal Reserves. This article also contains the rules for converting old Personal Reserves into new ones, and a conversion calculator. But in brief, you will not lose anything from the conversion and will very likely gain in Personal Reserves value.

Known Issues

During Update 1.18.1 CT1, a line of text that reads “bonus%” will be displayed instead of the values of Personal Reserve bonuses. The issue will be fixed in CT2. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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