WoT 1.21 Common Test: “Hanma” 3D Style for the Type 5 Heavy

Type 5 Heavy –  “Hanma” 3D Style

“Hello, Dad. I hope you and Mom are doing well and don’t miss me much. Things are looking up for me! I think I’ll be promoted for the success of Operation Husky, just like you wanted. You should see the beast I command: a captured Japanese tank, as huge and reliable as a sledgehammer. Before our landing, our engineers reworked it so well, even you’d be surprised.
We’re on the mainland now, moving north—though not too fast. But we’ll get through it! We have no other choice. I’ve also made two friends: a bold French girl named Colette and a guy with a complicated fate named Stefan. They’re great guys, but you might not say so at first glance.
In all other respects, things are the same. As they say, a front line is a front line.
Sincerely, your son Ian.

P.S. When we’re done here, I’ll bring you a captured Parabellum.”

For all regions,
Non-historical. Group: Special. Those. price: 750 gold. Maximum per account: 1. Tank only: Type 5 Heavy. ID: 786.

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