WoT 1.21 Common Test: “Independence” 3D Style for the T110E4

T110E4 – “Independence” 3D Style

“The guys need to celebrate, Jackie. I understand that no one in their right mind will do it, but hey—just look around. What do we have here? We are balancing at the edge of despair! We need a good shake-up, and I don’t mean constant bombings… You know what I mean. Imagine yourself sitting in a camp. You’ve lost track of time, your head heavier than an anvil, with no spark in your eye. Then you hear the anthem playing and see this miracle rolling in. First, you think that you’ve completely lost your mind, but then you remember that out there, beyond the ocean, there is normal life. Out there, everyone is celebrating, and a part of that celebration has reached you. And you start thinking again how wonderful it would be to return there alive, to join a 4th of July parade, to smile and be happy… Great, isn’t it? It’s only after that you’ll regret spending this much time welding a BBQ grill to the armor instead of cleaning your weapons. But it will be after. At home. When we come back. When the sky is no longer slashed by the whirring of never-ending air ambulance helicopter blades. Us guys need to celebrate.”

For all regions,
Unhistorical. Group: Special. price: 3000 gold. Maximum per account: 1. Tank only: T110E4. ID: 784.

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