WoT 1.21 Common Test: “Word of the Poet” 2D Style

For the upcoming Dragon Boat Race 2023 event (Dragon boat festival)

“Word of the Poet” –
The Chinese Dragon Boat Festival is inextricably linked with Qu Yuan. The descendant of aristocrats served as a leftist minister in the kingdom of Chu and could influence its policies, but as a result of a conspiracy he was sent into exile. Saddened by the fate of the country, he found solace in creativity and created dozens of poetic works.
In 280 B.C. most of the state of Chu was captured by Qin troops. From grief and his own impotence, Qu Yuan threw himself into the river, and later appeared in the form of a spirit and said that the river dragon became the cause of his death. Later, in memory of the poet, the Duan-wu holiday appeared in China, the basis of which is rowing competitions, in which the bow of each of the boats is made in the form of a dragon’s head.

For all regions
Non-historical. Suitable for vehicles of any nation and level. Group: Special. price: 1500 gold. ID: 794.

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