WoT: “11v11” 2D Style

— An all-season style dedicated to football fans.

It’s not known for sure when football first appeared, but ball games were popular across the globe for thousands of years. Back in the 2nd century BC, Cuju was played in ancient China, which — according to a FIFA representative — could be the oldest ancestor of the modern game of football. In Japan, a similar game called Kemari was played. You can watch matches of this game today in Shinto shrines during festivals. In North America, a football ancestor was called Pasuckuakohowog and was played on beaches. The field was 15 times longer than the modern one, the goal was half a mile wide, and up to 1,000 players could participate at a time.

In the 14th century, Calcio appeared in Italy, which was an early form of modern football. The game had the equivalents of fullbacks and forwards, as well as referees. There is also a theory that Italians brought Calcio to the British Isles. In the 19th century, the game started to take a familiar shape, and Britain was called the birthplace of modern football because that is where the name and the rules of the famous game were created.

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