WoT: Article About The Upcoming Machine Gun Tanks

source: WOT ExpressIn the plans for the next year, WG showed a premium with new mechanics in the game. No one will make unique mechanics separately for a premium tank, so 100% there will also be a branch. Let’s assume that the tank itself will be released in the winter of 2023/2024, but the branch will be released later in 2024. We asked our fellow historians to tell us (yes, there are still some in this game) what it was shown at all. Design Bureau Zinovy ​​Alekseev (sign, by the way): “The video showed a double-barreled tank with an automatic gun, which instead of reloading has an “overheating” mechanism of the gun. This is a rather interesting innovation – we have been offering this for the LT of Czechoslovakia for a long time.

It wasn’t possible to determine this tank – neither we nor our foreign colleagues from the “Tank Encyclopedia” team ( tank-encyclopedia.com ). There are several hypotheses about its class. Most likely, this vehicle is a LT (chance – 90%), or a MT (10%): autocannons have a low caliber: 20-57 mm, less often – larger.
The nation is more difficult. First, it can be a random model, like the flamethrower Kanonenjagdpanzer. Secondly, it may be a Czechoslovak tank – the color speaks in favor of this. In this case, with a probability of almost 100%, this is fiction. Thirdly, it may be the firstborn of a new nation: Switzerland. We have already written more than once that this nation is rich in unique vehicles: wheeled tanks, LTs, MTs, HTs, tank destroyers, and self-propelled guns could be made with ease and some classes – even in two or even three branches. This nation slightly increases the chances of the historicity of the tank.
Finally, there was a hypothesis (just from foreign colleagues) that the tank was American. Historical consultants gave Wargaming a lot of materials on American technology, for example, the same Pawlack tank. The United States is rich in technology, and there the probability of the reality of the device tends to 100%.

The mechanics itself is well done – better than the existing low-tier machine guns with a huge spread. Questions about tuning – how quickly it will “overheat”, what will be the “dispersion” and “time of cooldown”.

* Part of what is shown may not be available in the RUBY-region (Lesta) due to the separation of companies.

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