WoT ASIA: Random Battle Matchmaker Updates

These important matchmaker improvements are exclusively on the Asia server, starting with Update 1.20.1.


The number of tank destroyers on Prokhorovka, Malinovka, Studzianki, and Murovanka maps will be limited to 3 per team by default.

In tandem with the existing limits on SPGs, this rule should change up the combat dynamics on these locales, opening up opportunities to try fresh tactics, new loadouts, or different vehicle selections.


The Random Battles matchmaker will now seek to create battles with smaller team sizes on all maps.

It will start by trying to create 15v15 battles and successively decrease the team size criteria as necessary based on the current queue: to 14v14, 13v13 and so on, up to a minimum of 10v10.

Various regional events and community feedback have shown us that having smaller team sizes can make a significant positive impact on the overall battle experience. As an additional benefit, this should also improve matchmaking speed considerably in some cases.


In Update 1.18, we introduced new rules for balancing the number of light and wheeled tanks, as well as restrictions on the number of SPGs per team. Now, we are ready to take the next step and institute smaller team formats, and hard limits on the number of tank destroyers.


Through the current scope of changes, we hope to provide a quicker and more dynamic matchmaking experience for you, and will monitor their impact carefully and closely as we consider the direction of future development.

As always, we look forward to engaging with you while we continue to optimize your World of Tanks experience, so please share your invaluable feedback about these latest matchmaker changes with us on Discord!

Let’s make our game better together!

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