WoT: Battle Pass Special – Judgment Day

Battle Pass: Judgment Day is a one-time in-game event based on a collaboration between World of Tanks and the movie Terminator 2: Judgment Day. This standalone special event has many of the signature Battle Pass mechanics but is not part of the 2023 Battle Pass sequence. Along with more traditional prizes, such as Bounty Aiming, the reward roster of Judgment Day includes a rich selection of unique Terminator 2-themed items: voiced vehicle commanders, 2D styles, decals, and a one-of-its-kind Premium tank as the ultimate Improved Reward.

Key Features of Battle Pass Special: Judgment Day

Event Period: From January 12 at 5:50 CET through January 26 at 5:20 CET (UTC+1).

Battle Modes: You can earn Points in Random Battles (except for Grand Battles), as well as by completing Daily Missions.

Vehicle Tiers: You can earn Battle Pass Points in Random Battles by fighting in Tier VI–X vehicles, including rental vehicles. However, you can complete Daily Missions in any vehicle tier.

Progression: Battle Pass: Judgment Day consists of 50 Stages. You do not need to activate the progression like you do with Chapters of regular Battle Pass, so everyone participates in the event automatically.

Improved Pass: You can purchase an Improved Pass for 3,500 gold and gain access to additional rewards that include the T-832 tank. Stages can only be purchased with an Improved Pass.

Main Rewards: Themed in-game content created in collaboration with Terminator 2, including the T-832, a Tier VIII Premium tank with unique looks and special effects making references to the movie, as well as voiced vehicle commanders from the Terminator 2 universe, 2D styles, decals, and inscriptions.

The Judgment Day-Themed Content Set

The collaboration between Terminator 2: Judgment Day and World of Tanks produced a series of themed in-game content that includes a unique vehicle—the T-832—and special commanders, 2D styles, decals, and inscriptions. This set of content will be available throughout the Battle Pass: Judgment Day event, with parts of it obtainable as Base and Improved Rewards or via in-game Store bundles (the latter will also be available after the end of the event until January 31). Collect all in-game Terminator 2-themed items!

Accessing the Battle Pass: Judgment Day Screen

You can access the Battle Pass: Judgment Day screen by clicking on a very recognizable event icon at the top of your Garage.

Progression System

Battle Pass: Judgment Day consists of 50 Stages. You need to earn 50 Points in order to move from one Stage to the next.

You can also purchase Stages. This way, you do not need to earn Points. You can only purchase Stages with an Improved Pass.

Battle Pass Points

Battle Pass Points can be earned in the following ways:

In all types of Random Battles (except Grand Battles)
By completing Daily Missions

The Points you earn cannot be lost.

Random Battles

You can receive Points by playing in Tier VI–X vehicles in Random Battles.

The number of Points you receive after each battle will depend on your rank in the team results by XP earned. Even if your team loses or draws, you will still receive Battle Pass Points.


Top 3

Top 10

Daily Missions

Points can be obtained by completing Daily Missions. Note that you can complete Daily Missions in any vehicle tier.

The more difficult the mission, the more Points you earn.


Tier I (easy)

Tier II (medium)

Tier III (hard)

Bonus Mission

For every 45 Daily Missions completed, you will receive an additional 50 Battle Pass Points.
Point Limit

Each vehicle has a Point Limit that can be reached while playing in Random Battles. The higher the vehicle tier, the higher the Point Limit.

Once you reach the Point Limit on your selected vehicle, you will receive additional Points. How many additional Points you earn will depend on your vehicle’s tier.







The Point Limit only applies to Points earned in Random Battles.

You can also earn Points in Tier VI–X rental vehicles. If you rent a vehicle and then decide to buy it permanently, the Points earned with the vehicle during the rental period will be saved.

Points received in Daily Missions do not affect the Point Limit, meaning you can earn Points in Daily Missions in a vehicle even after the Point Limit for that vehicle has been reached.

Improved Pass

Upon completing each Stage, you will receive valuable rewards. There are two types of rewards: Base Rewards and Improved Rewards. Only players with an Improved Pass can receive Improved Rewards.

You can purchase an Improved Pass on the Judgment Day screen (also accessible via the special banner in the in-game Store) at any time during the event.

Immediately after purchasing an Improved Pass, you will receive all of the Improved Rewards for the Stages that you have already completed.

Follow these steps to purchase an Improved Pass:

Click the Battle Pass: Judgment Day icon in the Garage.
On the Battle Pass: Judgment Day screen, click Purchase Improved Pass.
Click Purchase to confirm the purchase. The cost of an Improved Pass—3,500 gold—will be charged to your account.

Purchasing Stages

After acquiring an Improved Pass, you will be able to purchase any number of Stages.

You will immediately receive all Base and Improved Rewards for the purchased Stages, and those Stages will be considered completed. One Stage costs 250.
You can buy Stages on the Battle Pass: Judgment Day screen. You can purchase as many Stages as necessary until the event progression is complete.

Battle Pass: Judgment Day Rewards

You will receive valuable items for completing Stages. Below is the full list of Base and Improved Rewards for the Battle Pass: Judgment Day progression.

The T-832

Some of the rewards must be singled out. The T-832 is a formidable war machine that stands out in the battlefield due to its combat efficiency as well as its unique visual effects inspired by the Terminator 2 movie.

The 2D Styles

The Mimetic Polyalloy 2D style was inspired by the ability of T-1000’s liquid metal to keep memory of every hit it had ever taken.

The Skynet Bastion 2D style is a creation of an advanced AI and as such is purely functional (including the custom marks of excellence).

Battle Pass: Judgment Day Bundles

Throughout the event and for some time afterwards (from January 12 through January 31), special bundles with Judgment Day content and more will be available in the in-game Store for gold. Via these bundles, you can obtain special vehicle commanders Sarah Connor and T-1000, plus other valuable items.


Skynet Fighter

Commander Sarah Connor
Step Into Eternity 2D style
6 “Mother of the Year” decals
20 Personal Reserves: +50% to credits for 1 hour

5,000 gold(valued at 12,500 gold)

Perfect Weapon

A series of five missions granting the following rewards (in total):

Commander T-1000
500 bonds
Various Crew Books
25 Missions for ×5 XP

3,000 gold(valued at 7,500 gold)

Each bundle can be purchased up to three times per account.

The Step Into Eternity 2D style is dedicated to the hard decision made by the T-800 in the movie’s finale.

End of the Judgment Day Event

Here is what to expect at the end of Battle Pass: Judgment Day:

The event screen will no longer be accessible.
Once the active phase of the event ends at 5:20 CET on January 26, you will no longer be able to purchase the Improved Pass and Stages.
The Judgment Day bundles in the in-game Store will remain available until January 31.
The commanders will be available for recruiting for an unlimited period.
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