WoT Battlepass Season IX Progression Chart

Good day tankers,

In a nutshell: New Battle pass, new progression charts.

It’s like the theme Discord users should use.

This hurts my eyes and therefore yours too?

Have a good one.

For the stat nerds (using NA days):

Season I was 29 days, average 1.55/day or 5/day ELITE. Season II was 88 days, average 0.51/day or 1.64/day ELITE. Season III was 80 days, average 0.56/day or 1.81/day ELITE. Season IV was 92 days, average 1.63/day. Season IV Extended was 99 days, average 1.52/day. Season V was 76 days, average 1.96/day. Season VI was 93 days, average 1.61/day. Season VII was 90 days, average 1.66/day. Czech TD Event changed it to 80 days, average 1.88/day. Season VII Czech TD Event was 10 days, average 4/day. Season VIII is 91 days, average 1.65/day. Season IX is 83 days, average 1.8/day.

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