wot blitz, and the tanks we have and you dont.

we have for america

no arty, sheridan has 152mm

t49 at teir 8, t92e1 and teir 9, and sheridan missle, with missiles, as an event only tank,

we also have the yoh line with the yoh 6 at teir 10 instead of 9

germany –

no arty! no german light, and the kpfz 70, a heavium

russia – no arty! no lights! no doubles, nop 257 or 277 or 279 E! no op tanks

britian – vickers light line, cause why not, fv4005 has a 3 shot orlder loader with 400dmg average, no manticore line, NO ARTY!

we got a european nation, with 60TP KRANVAGN, Which is an autoreloader, the spageto, and the tvp

we got japan, with the ho-ri instead of type 5

we got china with the 112 as heavy top instead of 5A

we got france, NO ARTY (YEAAAAAA) no ebr (YEAAAAAA) no amx 105, not amx m4 line! and the batchat is a light!

we dont have artillery, we dont have super op tanks..

but then there is our final nation…

the blitz nation

this nation has no teir ten, no tech tree and is entirely composed of nationless tanks, such as the ANNIHALATOR… or the dreaded SMASHER..

or any of the Y5 tanks.. or any of the valkeryie tanks

They are uncomfortably op, look em up on BLITZHANGER

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